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Anything that goes into the mouth can affect the appliances. Simply use good common sense, and avoid putting anything into the mouth that could cause damage.

Chewing on pens or pencils, lifting or playing with the brackets, and chewing on ice can all result in broken appliances, another trip to the office, and delay treatment progress. Chewing on ice may seem unimportant, but is one of the leading causes of loose braces.

The adhesive adhering the brackets to the teeth is very strong, and it is unusual for brackets to come loose off of the teeth. This may happen occassionally, but if it happens regularly it is almost always due to the brackets undergoing undue stress. Parents should emphasize with children the need to leave the braces alone. Some children find it difficult not to fidget with the brackets, and others may express their unwillingness to wear braces by pulling at the brackets. This will usually occur out of your sight. If your child continues to have multiple brackets come loose, it will be important for us to discover the underlying cause so that treatment can continue forward.