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schoolgirl_with_books.jpgWe will schedule adjustment appointments at regular intervals, usually four to six weeks apart. Dr. Kasso will personally evaluate your progress at every appointment and make the necessary adjustments to move progress ahead in the most efficient time frame. 

Keeping scheduled appointments as recommended is critical to keep progress moving forward. Our appointment schedule fills up quickly, and missing just one appointment can extend the treatment time by 4 to 6 weeks if there are no open appointment times available to see you sooner. Missing appointments can seriously affect the overall time that it takes to achieve your desired goals.

Orthodontic treatment requires a tremendous commitment by the entire family. The frequency of orthodontic adjustment appointments often requires personal sacrifices. You must understand and fully commit yourself up front that orthodontic appointments will take precedence over other commitments. There may be conflicts between orthodontic appointments and work or school demands, sporting practice or games, dance or music lessons. Many of our patients are children in school and prefer after school appointments. However, it is simply impossible to fit 80% of the patients into 20% of our available hours. We will do our very best to find convenient appointment times, and ask for your understanding and renewed commitment towards your orthodontic goals when a conflict arises.