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"WEAR YOUR RETAINERS …. OR YOU WILL BE BACK!" This was written by one of our patients ~ you can read her story on the Testimonials page.

Following the active phase of moving teeth into alignment, you will enter the retention phase. Many people are surprised to learn that the retention phase is just as important as the active phase. Teeth have a tendency to relapse and want to move back towards their original position. It is quite understandable that you might be tired of wearing braces by this time, but


You have worked just too darn hard to lose it now!

Retainers come in many colors and designs. We can even insert a favorite photo into the retainer. Retainers can be either removable or permanent, and we will determine which is best based on your needs and habits. The length of time needed to wear retainers will vary based on the individual, and typically will range from one or more years to a lifetime. We will continue to schedule periodic recheck appointments for a period of time.

Don't forget ~ compliance with the retention phase will determine if you will have your beautiful smile for life, or relapse back to where you began!