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Just as orthodontic treatment repositions teeth, surgical orthodontics (also known as orthognathic surgery) straightens the jaw and corrects improper bite. Correcting severe jaw irregularities may be considered for patients who would benefit from improvement in the ability to chew, speak, or breathe. It may also be perceived as improving facial appearance. It is a very important decision that requires a great deal of commitment and family support.


In preparation for jaw surgery, the teeth will be moved into a very precise position. You will notice that your bite is actually getting worse rather than better. This is because the teeth must be in the exact position needed to correct your bite once the jaw has been moved. After the jaw is surgically moved to its proper position, your jaw and teeth will be in alignment. 

The oral surgeons in our area are experienced and very skilled. Throughout your orthodontic treatment, Dr. Kasso will be in close communication with the oral surgeon who will perform your surgery. The actual surgery is performed in the hospital with Dr. Kasso in attendance as well.

Most patients are able to return to work or school within two weeks.  Your braces will remain on for approximately 6-12 months following surgery, and you will need to resume regular orthodontic appointments until treatment is completed.