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STAINLESS STEEL BRACES: These remain the most common traditional braces, mostly because they are more durable and practical.  Metal brackets are very strong and tend to be the least expensive of all the types of braces.

Stainless steel bands are placed around the back molars, and small metal brackets are glued onto the front of the teeth. A wire is threaded through the brackets and held in place with small plastic ties called ligatures. The wires are progressively tightened, resulting in the teeth slowly being moved by force. As the teeth move, new bone is generated in the space formerly occupied by the tooth.

The ties come in a rainbow of colors and can be changed at every adjustment appointment. This often becomes the fun part of braces, changing colors to match holidays, seasons, sports teams, special occasions, and favorite colors.



CERAMIC BRACES: Ceramic brackets are clear and are for patients that would like to minimize the appearance of their braces. They work the same way as the stainless steel braces. They are nearly as strong as metal braces, and the brackets themselves generally do not stain.