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Following the initial examination, Dr. Kasso may recommend that the best time for treatment is some time in the future. In this case, there may be a period of observation and diagnostic records may or may not be needed at this time.

If treatment is recommended now, Dr. Kasso will need detailed diagnostic records to expand upon his initial examination findings. These records typically include models of the teeth, photographs of the teeth and of the face, a panoramic x-ray, and a cephalometric x-ray. We have a state-of-the-art digital x-ray machine, and progressive technology and software programs that record your findings. Dr. Kasso personally interprets each of these diagnostic records individually and as a whole,  and is then able to develop your best course of treatment.

The Panoramic X-ray reveals what is below the surface of the gums, which can potentially completely alter a treatment plan (i.e. missing permanent teeth) . Dr. Kasso uses the Cephalometric X-ray to trace specific angles and mathematical calculations onto an overlay, and uses this as an invaluable tool in treatment planning.