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shy_girl_behind_sunflower.jpgNo one should ever underestimate the importance of having an attractive smile. Crooked teeth, or spaces between teeth, can result in a lowered self esteem. The need for acceptance is universal, and is something we never grow out of. A person, especially a child or teen, often begins to feel self conscious if they feel unattractive. They may begin to be preoccupied by their appearance, attempting to hide their mouths or faces, or even retreat from group activities. A negative self image can seriously affect someone's self image, friendships, experiences, future jobs, and overall happiness.


half_hace_huge_smile.jpgAs orthodontic treatment progresses, patients develop a sense of control to change in themselves what they don't like, and they slowly begin to blossom. Dr. Kasso personally sees every patient at every appointment, and they develop a supportive, friendly and easy going relationship with the entire staff. Patients begin to feel comfortable in their own skin as treatment progresses. Over time, they can see the dramatic changes. By the time the braces come off, the improvement in their self confidence can be just as dramatic as the change in their smile.